Text 9 Sep Some Quick Thoughts on the Apple Watch

(Background: I’m a huge fan of 3 things from my childhood. Dick Tracy, Knight Rider, and Inspector Gadget. I’m super excited to see my adulthood match what I loved as a child.)

I’ve been a watch wearer since childhood. Gone from digital, to analog, to even both at times. I own a Nike+ Watch (with GPS), a strap to fit my iPod Nano 6th Gen in, and a LG G Watch. While I’m not an expert, here are some thoughts on the Apple Watch today.

  • This totally legitimized both the wearable category (sorry, Tory Burch+Fitbit) and NFC in wearable devices (which is genius, btw)
  •  It is the first device that is gender agnostic enough (and two sizes help) to really make a dent in the female wearable market
  • That makes me wonder why they are giving up on Android users with a complete lock-in to the Apple ecosystem.  The first company to accept cross platform users will make a killing (just look at Google Glass and Apple users.
  • The price point is right in line with what Apple would charge. It will sell like hotcakes
  • The amount of SKUs shows me that Apple understands the fashion/”me” factor of the device. The difference in price will be the X factor there.
  • Battery life and connectivity need to be addressed publicly.  Even if it’s an estimate, people want a general idea. Right now, its looking like a day, 2 tops. (which isn’t great)
  • I don’t see death with other fitness wearables. It looks too nice to take to the gym- and if I can’t do music+BT headphones, what is the point?
  • Along those lines, seems water resistant?
  • Can’t wait to see the interface in person. Looks kludgy to me so far. 

What are your thoughts on the Apple Watch?

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To win the smartwatch war, Apple must beat this ‘GoldenEye 007’ watchface on the Moto 360

This is amazing
via The Verge.
Link 6 Sep 15 notes how not to romance a runner»


1. Maybe you should take a break.

2. I like to jog, too.

3. Isn’t running bad for your knees/back/feet?

4. We have to be there in an hour. We don’t really have time for you to get a run in.

5. I run, too — when something’s chasing me. Ha ha.

6. What’s wrong? You’re crying! Oh my God, what’s…

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Dreamforce 2014 needed a playlist…so I created one.

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Video 28 Aug

My #icebucketchallenge video

So I finally got nominated (3 times in fact) for the Ice Bucket Challenge to support ALS.

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Nailed it

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For those unfamiliar w/ the +Olympus prime lens line up I offer this little article I whipped up this afternoon.http://ift.tt/1v5VEpa
										Prime….What a great word to describe a lens right?

For those who aren’t sure what exactly a prime lens is let me give a brief 
explanation. A prime lens is one with a fixed focal length. Or another way 
of putting it is that with a prime lens you cannot zoom in and out. If you 
want to “zoom in” you need to actually move yourself closer to your 
subject, and if you want the opposite you’d need to move back away to get a 
wider view. Oft…
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Hooooly shit

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"I live for the simple things, like how much this is gonna hurt."

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33 Pictures Taken At The Right Moment 

We are huge fans of perfectly timed photos that capture perfect (and usually funny or unexpected) moments that come and go with a blink of the eye. The internet is abound with images shared by people who have captured images at just the right moment or from just the right perspective, so we wanted to share some more of them with you.

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Penguin discovers a traffic cam. x

this is a toucan 


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